Introduction to Business

IBP 069

Spring Quarter 2008

Room B256

10:00- 12:10 Tuesday and Thursday


Instructor:        Fiona Jackson

Office Hours:   Before and after class

Phone:              206-328-7135 (leave messages)


Required Textbook: Nickels, 8th edition (2007) Understanding Business, McGraw-Hill.


Course Objectives:


With the successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

·        Understand Modern Business Management

·        Understand the role of Ethics and Social Responsibility  in business

·        Assess and contrast the options for organizing a business

·        Define the importance of organization, teamwork and communication

·        Understand the different aspects of business management, Human Resources, marketing, operations management and planning

·        Demonstrate a basic knowledge of accounting systems and financial statements

·        Understand the impact of managing Change, Culture and Diversity

·        Demonstrate enhanced critical thinking, communication, interpretation, decision making, reading, writing, comprehension and speaking skills




Grades will be based on several factors. Class attendance and participation are very important. We will have 4 midterms, a final test, as well as a final team assignment.

You earn your grade, based on  performance and participation .




Your attendance in class is essential for your success. Attendance is required. You will need to e-mail me regarding any excused absences due to illness, or circumstances beyond your control. If you miss more than 10% of the classes, you will receive a warning letter. If you miss 15% of the classes, you may be dismissed from the program.   








General Expectations


This class follows the guidelines found in the “Arts and Humanities Students Procedures and Expectations”. You can access the document via the web at




Cheating is not tolerated. This includes copying answers on tests or quizzes, exchanging papers, and plagiarizing.





Homework and reading outside the class is required in the US. I will give reading assignments daily/weekly, as well as projects that are to be completed outside of class. All homework must be completed on time, and will not be accepted late without prior approval, and under extraordinary circumstances.




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