Informative Speech Assignment


Purpose: The purpose of this speech is to share ideas and information with the audience by describing and explaining a topic of interest to you that is both controversial and in the public forum. Through this speech, you will have the opportunity to “teach” us something.  Your speech should inform the audience on subject that has some significance to them (a public issue, not personal) and be at a depth that we will find truly informative.  It is your responsibility to provide a balanced account of multiple perspectives on the issue.


Description: This speech should be 5-7 minutes in length. This is your formal, graded speech and two copies of a comprehensive preparation outline, featuring 3-5 main points, are required. These are due before you are scheduled to speak (January 20), but I encourage you to email me a draft early enough for my feedback. In addition, a visual aid and at least three supporting sources (listed in a “References” section and cited in APA style only) are required for this speech.  Sources should be cited within the speech as supporting material for any claims that are made or data that are cited.  No more than one internet source may be used.


You are required to view and comment on your performance in a self-critique. More information about this process and assignment will be presented in class.


Evaluation: This speech is worth 150 points of your final grade. The preparation outline and note cards are important elements included in this grade (50 points). Please remember that we practice extemporaneous speaking, not manuscript presentation. Your speech will be graded on content, organization and delivery style. Some questions to ask yourself are:


Remember, the goal of this speech is not to persuade on an issue of controversy; rather it is to educate your audience on a subject of some substance.  Be creative and choose a topic that really interests you and that you think your audience would benefit to learn more about. If you have questions or concerns at any point along the way, please come to my office hours or e-mail me