ACCT 266 Microsoft Excel for Accounting • 5 Cr.


The course covers utilization of Excel as an ideal blend of accounting principles. The coverage includes detailed, step-by-step instruction on using Microsoft Excel in the accounting profession. It offers sequential progression of materials in both accounting and Excel topic. It includes accounting refresher topics, real-world accounting application, and supplemental resources that will allow the student to master Excel as an accountant. Prerequisites: ACCT 101, ACCT 102, BTS 165.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Evaluate the accounting equations and record journal entries using Excel.
  • Prepare and analyze financial statements and statement of cash flows
  • Compute and record financial transactions using Excel
  • Prepare depreciation and bond amortization schedules using Excel
  • Prepare and analyze budgeting and cost analysis using Excel
  • Compute and record inventory costing, payroll register and bank reconciliation using Excel.