AHE 100 Introduction to Healthcare • 5 Cr.


An introduction to health care delivery systems, associated career opportunities, and related trends. Looks at the industry as a whole and the integration of services and professions. Students explore career choices including educational requirements, job outlooks, governing agencies, occupational requirements, pay ranges, professional requirements, and employer expectations.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Explain the various types of health care delivery systems, services and providers including private, government, voluntary, and non-profit agencies.
  • Differentiate between occupational "clusters" in health care (therapeutic, diagnostic, information services, environmental services, prevention, etc).
  • Outline a range of careers in the fields of health care, medicine, and wellness.
  • Assess aptitude for a career in health care.
  • Identify the requirements and expectations of health care employers.
  • Identify trends and changes that may impact health care delivery systems and career choices.
  • Explain the basic legal and ethical responsibilities common to all healthcare systems