AHEE 128 Emergency Department Practicum • 5 Cr.


Provides clinical practice in a hospital emergency room as an Emergency Department Technician. Successful completion of AHEE 120, AHEE 122, and AHEE 124 with a C or better at BC, and permission of the Program Chair No more than one quarter between completion of AHEE 120, 122, 124 and enrollment in AHEE 128.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Apply clinical skills, knowledge, and competency performance as an Emergency Department Technician in emergency situations in a hospital setting 
  • Assess emergency situations and perform necessary procedures 
  • Assist physicians and other healthcare workers 
  • Utilize specialized medical equipment Perform wound care, orthopedic splinting, specimen collection 
  • Assist with patient monitoring for cardiac, respiratory, nervous, and genito-urinary emergencies