ALDAC 235 Chemical Dependency Human Development • 4 Cr.


Examines application of various theories on human development from fetal epigenesist to geriatrics in addiction treatment. Explores the effects of personal and parental use of psychoactive substances and related environmental stressors on human development patterns.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Apply various theories on human development as an alcohol/drug counselor
  • Identify prenatal complications related to parental use of psychoactive substances
  • Identify the influences of genetics and socio-environmental experiences on adolescent and adult onset of addiction
  • Describe the effects of parental psychoactive substance use on different stages of human development.
  • Describe the effects of individual psychoactive substance use on completion of human growth tasks from infancy through geriatric developmental stages.
  • Accurately assess issues related to cognitive and physical developmental delay resulting from parental and individual use of psychoactive substances