ANTH& 204 Archaeology • 5 Cr.


Finding and digging sites is just the beginning of unearthing the past. Archaeologists are scientists who specialize in survey and excavation, as well as analysis and interpretation of ancient and historical remains. The methods, techniques, and goals of archaeology are highlighted to provide a basis on which to understand the rich record of the past. Previously ANTH 105.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Discuss the scope, applications, history, and current practices of the field of archaeology. Recognize, identify, and employ the scientific method in archaeology, and to distinguish coherent arguments based on such principles from other claims. Describe how archaeological studies reveal characteristics of cultural behavior (technological, organizational, and ideological) and explain how those behaviors have changed through time. Comprehend how archaeologists go about collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and applying their data to resolve questions of cultural evolution. Explain the relevance of archaeology to global issues and cultural diversity.