ANTH& 236 Forensic Anthropology • 5 Cr.


Popular TV shows highlight forensics, but how accurate are they and what is this field of study? Covers the tools of the experts in analyzing crime scenes and solving mysteries. Numerous methods, including skeletal analysis, recovery of evidence, and body decomposition, all contribute to resolution of medical and legal investigations. Recommended: ANTH& 204 or ANTH& 205. Previously ANTH 207.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Identify elements of human skeletal and dental anatomy.
  • Identify characteristics that differentiate the manner of death (natural causes, homicide, suicide or accident) and the principles used for estimation of time of death.
  • Describe techniques used for biological profiling (age, sex, race, height) from skeletal remains.
  • Describe characteristics of evidence at crime scenes, including methods of collection, preservation, analysis, class differentiation and comparison, and report preparation.
  • Demonstrate the methods of evidence collection and evidence analysis that forensic anthropologists use in legal settings.