ANTH 101 Introduction to North American Archaeology • 5 Cr.


An introduction to the archaeology and environments of North America. Journey back in time and across the continent to learn how native peoples adapted and lived their daily lives. A consideration of prehistory from a global perspective is addressed, as well as the plight of modern descendants.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Differentiate between the fields of anthropology and how archaeologists use the culture concept in studying the past. Recognize, identify, and employ the scientific method in studying the human past. Assess the vast cultural diversity of prehistoric indigenous peoples of North America. Describe how archaeological studies of North American natives reveal characteristics of cultural behavior and explain how those behaviors have changed through time. Distinguish between several broad prehistoric adaptations made by indigenous groups living in diverse environments throughout North America. Explain the relevance of archaeology to global issues, ecology, ethics, and cultural diversity. Identify how colonial forces impact(ed) indigenous cultures and critique the plight of modern descendants and the environmental, economic, and sociopolitical challenges they face.