ANTH 108 Food, Drink and Culture • 5 Cr.


Embark on an eating and drinking adventure and discover the roots of your cuisine. A cross-cultural and global view of food and drink that examines these essentials of life from the cultural, biological, archaeological and linguistic perspectives of anthropology. The phrase "You are what you eat (and drink)" takes on new and profound meanings. Previously ANTH 214.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  •   Explain the role that nutritional anthropology plays in understanding human consumption of food and drink. Assess the human diet from a biological evolutionary perspective, especially the influences that our primate origins have on our overall nutritional needs. Appreciate the complexity and origins of world cuisines and beverages. Connect various aspects of culture to the choice and consumption of food and drink. Identify the symbolic aspects of food and drink in various cultures and how these items convey values and norms. Enumerate major global food challenges the world faces today. Analyze one's own diet through the lens of nutritional anthropology.