ART 105 Art Appreciation • V1-5 Cr.


Illustrates the visual components of art and artistic techniques and briefly surveys art history. Class format includes slide lectures and off-campus assignments at galleries or museums. Suggested for non-art majors.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Students are able to express a holistic view of the visual arts. Art Appreciation is not as structured a class as Art History. Students understand how to look at art and are able to discuss what they should be seeing and why. They are able to describe why art exists and why it is important to study it. Students are able to articulate reasons for and functions of art along with connections to philosophy, history, economics, literature and many other areas. In highly descriptive essays students will be able to record their reactions to works of art viewed in local galleries and museums. Students be able to discuss works of art using the visual Elements of Style as well as various background readings, that provide knowledge of the time periods. ┬áStudents will be able to recognize style period within Western Art. Students will overcome a fear of art and be encouraged to visit museums as a "fun" activity which will enrich their lives.