ART 202 History of Western Art • 5 Cr.


Surveys European art of the Italian and Northern Renaissance, Baroque period, and early 18th century. Slide lecture format.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Students will be able to recognize and identify art movements and specific artist's works within those movements. In Art History 202 students are exposed to the painting, sculpture and architecture of the Renaissance and Baroque Periods. They will be able to apply the visual "Elements of Style" to critically analyze the quality and meaning of various works. There is more focus on individual artists in Art History 202 than in Art History 201. Students will identify certain similarities that artists of a given period all share. Students will use the techniques of critical analysis to recognize and evaluate the defining characteristics of individual artist's work and compare and contrast these works in terms of quality, meaning, function and evolution within the artist's time period.