ART 235 Printmaking II Lithography & Adv Intaglio Technq • 5 Cr.


This course introduces students to the process of lithgography and builds upon previously taught areas of intaglio techniques. Students will explore a variety of Lithographic techniques including photographic lithography, ball ground plate lithography, and stone lithography. Additional intaglio techniques taught include multiple -plate etching, softground etching, spit bite etching, and engraving. Requires additional lab time outside of class. Prerequisite: ART 230. Recommended: ART 110, ART 120, ART 111, ART 230, ART 196.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Properly prepare and use inks and papers for printing lithographic  and intaglio printing
  • Use printing presses, rollers, and chemicals safely and effectively
  • Understand and utilize a variety of lithograhic processes including but not limited to; photo based, ball ground, and lithographic stone printing
  • Understand and utilize a variety of advanced intaglio processes including but not limited to; softground, multiple-plate printing, spit bite, and engraving
  • Use proper curating practices including; paper handling, storing, tearing, and cutting of paper to create industry-standard impressions
  • Engage in group critique and self-reflection through both oral and written formats
  • Develop  a body of work to display that meets industry standards of development and production
  • Contextualize the work they make within the history of printmaking