BIOL& 100 Survey of Biology • 6 Cr.


An introduction to biology for the non-science student, emphasizing fundamental life processes and concepts common to all living organisms, with the human example. Emphasis is on biological applications in today's society. Course includes a lab.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Give scientific evidence for the theory of evolution and its role as the central theme of biology; compare and contrast the taxa of living organisms, and how evolution resulted in the diversity of life.
  • Define the natural world as the subject matter of science, and explain how science is based on common principles and the scientific method of inquiry.
  • Explain the process of gene expression, including basic genetic principles and solve inheritance problems.
  • Describe the applications of and analyze the social, and ethical implications of advances in biotechnology.
  • Outline ecological hierarchy and describe species interaction with energy flow and matter cycling through trophic levels.
  • Articulate arguments about current issues related to biology.
  • Support those arguments with evidence.
  • Explain how nutrition and lifestyle activities are related to personal health.
  • Identify and evaluate sources of scientific information using accepted criteria.