BIOL 159 Foundations in Biology • 1 Cr.


This course provides additional support for students in BIOL& 160. Course content will include critical thinking skills, exam preparation (including predicting test questions), self-assessment, cohort building and mentoring. Students will explore learning strategies and identify campus resources supporting the BIOL&160 curriculum. Mandatory participation with S/U grading. Offered quarterly.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Practice creating student connections and community building through cooperative learning.
  • Develop transferable study skill behavior (improved study habits and time management skills) allowing students to become more confident in their approach to mastering future material and improve class work in [[permalink=117|tooltip:{'title':1}]]%prefix% %code%[[/permalink]]  .
  • Develop critical thinking and self-assessment skills that enable students to evaluate, analyze and demonstrate evidence of their learning.
  • Apply course concepts to different sets of problems, integrate concepts from different science disciplines, and use this knowledge to confidently meet BIOL160 objectives and outcomes.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of campus resources for biology students, including knowledge of the biology program, and identify faculty mentors.
  • Build a supportive learning community composed of students, faculty, and staff.