BTS 186 Publication Design Essentials • 5 Cr.


Introduces key concepts to create and design publications for business use. Studies design principles, publication function, and industry standard software to create, design, and publish business documents, and prepare digital images for print and web use. Projects combine computer software skills design principles and efficient workflow to create business publications such as logos, brochures, advertisements and newsletters. Recommended: BTS 161 or equivalent experience.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Use industry-standard software programs features & commands to create, design and publish business documents for a variety of needs.
  • Apply design and advertising principles to create professional quality publications.
  • Apply efficient workflow practices for print and web publication.
  • Understand and apply basic principles of raster and vector images.
  • Create functional publications that fulfill business needs and client expectations.
  • Identify and select the correct software tool for unique business problems and needs.
  • Create a business logo, business brochure and ad using the principles described above.
  • Link to professional organizations and utilize online design resources.
  • Research resources to solve problems independently.