BTS 289 Front End Web Development • 5 Cr.


This course extends skills in modern front end web development technologies including intermediate level coding with HTML and CSS, building mobile and responsive websites, using CSS frameworks, creating site navigation, ensuring accessibility, designing wireframes based on needs analysis, and performing usability testing. Prerequisites: BTS 189 or PROG 109. Students are required to be proficient in basic HTML and CSS prior to entering this course.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Write valid, well-formed, and semantically correct HTML5 and CSS code.
  • Use advanced CSS and CSS frameworks to design and lay out a web page. 
  • Create and organize site information architecture optimized for best SEO practices.
  • Explain the Web site development life cycle and the role that defining user needs plays in the development process.
  • Gather client requirements, identify target audience, and explain how website visitors will interact with site content.
  • Incorporate basic usability, user experience, and accessibility principles into website design.
  • Design a wireframe using industry standard software tools.
  • Create a multipage website that is responsive and works across all screen sizes.
  • Develop a user testing plan including identification of users, creation of site tasks to be tested, and the process to conduct the testing.