BUS 230 Project Management • 5 Cr.


Examines the theory and practice of project management from a managerial perspective. Students define projects, determine resources requirements, write requests for proposals, outline contract requirements, define and sequence tasks, and create project schedules. Recommended: Concurrent enrollment in BTS 280.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • The student will be able to produce written analysis of client organization, key users, and organizational goals.
  • Produce project definition documents that identify both the breath and depth of specific projects.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in both writing and analysis of request-for-proposals.
  • Analyze & evaluate key requirements for contracts.
  • The student will be able to evaluate and assign project administration duties.
  • Use the Critical Path Model to define and sequence project tasks.
  • Determine appropriate project-time calculations and establish benchmarks to track accuracy of the calculations.
  • Demonstrate when PERT & GANT charts should be used.