CES 100 Race in the United States • 5 Cr.


Survey of the history of African Americans, Asian Americans, Chicanos, American Indians, and other indigenous peoples as they become part of the United States, or in the whole Americas depending on focus. Fulfills social science or humanities requirement, not both, at BC. Prerequisite: Placement by assessment into ENGL& 101 or ENGL 092 or 093 with a C- or better or entry code. Previously ETHN 100.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Read critically, actively and reflectively. Support their own conclusions about the validity of the assumptions and ideas they have encountered in the assigned readings. Demonstrate analysis through rhetorical techniques. Shape and re-shape contemporary concepts of U.S. society, through the socio-historical, socio-political contexts in which race and ethnicity are used.