CES 160 Introduction to American Political Culture • 5 Cr.


Examines the structures and systems of American politics using a multidisciplinary approach. Students analyze the development of political culture and its evolution through time. Same as POLS 160 (prev POLSC 160). Either CES 160 or POLS 160 (prev POLSC 160) may be taken for credit, not both. Previously AMST 160.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • The primary learning objective is to develop and enhance analytical thinking by integrating and adapting conceptual formulations, both qualitative and quantitative, to real-life processes and experiences in American political culture. Because an interest in understanding American culture has been present across many different disciplines, a secondary learning objective is to identify differences offered by alternative methodological approaches while integrating conceptual similarities to facilitate the students' ability to engage in conceptual modeling. Identify methodological alternatives as presented by different disciplines. Recognize and evaluate underlying assumptions presented by different perspectives and authors of literature. Compare and contrast information, both qualitative and quantitative. Assess the accuracy and completeness of information presented. Identify and understand inherent dilemmas and paradoxes. Develop inferential skills to integrate Develop analytic skills to frame real-life experiences within conceptual constructs. Formulate an understanding of antecedents which lead to cause and effect relationships. Develop skills to formulate the kinds of questions which lead to creating a more rather than less comprehensive analytical frameworks for interpreting information.