CES 211 Art & Soul: Cultural Connections through Art • 5 Cr.


Explore and directly participate in artistic cultural practices of communities of Color in a highly kinesthetic environment. Learn in a hands-on way how art, dance or music of communities of Color can be forms of self-empowerment as well as tools for social change. Course focus and genres are determined by the instructor. Satisfies either Social Science or Humanities credit.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Identify┬áthe artistic and technical elements of a given art modality
  • Analyze kinesthetic arts practices within their cultural contexts
  • Demonstrate and perform fundamental┬áphysical sequences, musical phrasing, or visual arts techniques pertaining to specific cultural arts-based practices
  • Reflect on how art, music, or dance functions in one's own life and how these art mediums can be both tools of self-empowerment and forms of social resistance in communities of Color