CMST 105 Debate I • 5 Cr.


Exposes students to argumentation structure in basic parliamentary debate and speech. Students spend a significant amount of time conducting research, preparing and debating. Students may choose to travel and compete at the collegiate level in speech & debate tournaments as well. Recommended: ENGL& 101.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Explain essential rules and responsibilities of parliamentary debate. Describe essential qualities of a variety of individual speech events (including, but not limited to, interpretation, extemporaneous, impromptu, expository speaking). Practice and use essential research skills and processes for finding, evaluating, and incorporating evidence. Explain ethical considerations and responsibilities as a speaker in a variety of settings (debate, individual events). Communicate effectively in a team setting. Think critically by preparing, delivering, self-analyzing and critiquing others' debates and individual activities. Identify, analyze, and provide effective argument structure for parliamentary debate topics. Apply a developing understanding of current events to various debate topics.