CMST 163 Radio Operations: Announcing/Production • 5 Cr.


Develops broadcast voice and production skills. Students practice tape editing and mixing and develop production values through class projects. Prerequisite: CMST 161 and permission of instructor.


Prerequisite: CMST 161 and permission of instructor


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Quickly edit in various industry-standard technologies.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of key components of radio voice techniques (i.e. affecting out, nasal tongue thrust).
  • Demonstrate production and writing aspects of public service announcements, promotional and sale spots.
  • Demonstrate an ability to edit and perform components of an air check tape (i.e. front sell, cross fade, news announcement, legal, weather, etc.).
  • Edit & produce various air-quality features.
  • Edit & produce news segments that include wrap, voicer, and actualities.