CS 482 Senior Capstone II • 4 Cr.


This course is the second in a sequence of three senior level capstone courses. This course focuses on detailed design, test plan and implementation of the project. The course includes lectures, reading assignments and guest speakers on development process, test plan, ethics, legal issues, and emerging trends in computer science. Prerequisites: CS 481 with a C or better and admission to BS CS program, or instructor's permission.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Follow a formal software development process to complete the project 
  • Write a detailed design description document describing how the project is to be implemented according to the requirements specifications 
  • Prepare a test plan and test case document describing relevant testing methods to valuate and verify the product 
  • Implement the requirements based on detailed design specification using appropriate techniques and tools. 
  • Make oral presentation 
  • Identify ethical and legal issues that might arise in the design and use of the product 
  • Perform independent learning of new technologies and concepts 
  • Work productively in a team environment communicating appropriately with all team members