DEVED 020 Job Preparedness • V1-8 Cr.


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After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • College and Career Readiness Standards

  • Upon completion of the course, students should be able to: 

  • Reading 
  • •            Read job announcements and information to identify appropriate job opportunities by using a variety of sources.
  • •            Find important details from job-related forms and documents (i.e., checklists, paycheck, pay stub, work schedule, safety warnings). 
  • Writing 
  • •            Organize writing appropriate to task and purpose (i.e., resume, business letter, email, requests). 
  • •            Complete applications and work forms accurately. 
  • •            Use capitalization, punctuation, and spelling correctly. 
  • Speaking/Listening 
  • •            Give and respond to directions and instructions. 
  • •            Leave clear voicemail messages and record telephone messages accurately. 
  • •            Respond appropriately to common interview questions and state job skills and experience with confidence. 
  • •            Come to discussions prepared and demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively with supervisors, colleagues, and customers. 
  • •            Use appropriate communication strategies to make short presentations and to respond appropriately to questions. 
  • Technology 
  • •            Log-in to Canvas 
  • •            Send messages to your teacher in Canvas 
  • •            Check your grades in Canvas 
  • •            Complete assignments in Canvas 
  • •            Participate in discussions with classmates and your teacher in Canvas