DMA 107 Web Design Fundamentals • 5 Cr.


Provides a hands-on overview of the design, creation and use of media-rich websites. Students will create web sites using XHTML basic CSS and elemental JavaScript. Web site structures, industry standards, social media and delivery platforms for web multimedia will also be explored. Recommended prerequisite or concurrent enrollment: DMA 100.


Strongly Recommended: DMA 100, DMA 102, DMA 103, DMA 105.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Describe and provide examples of the client-server model of web delivery.
  • Outline and explain the steps necessary for planning a web site.
  • Create simple web pages using hand coding.
  • Create navigation and links between web pages, external resources and media sources.
  • Incorporate images, color and tables into a web page using XHMTL and CS.
  • Use basic CSS to format web pages.
  • Describe how various media sectors use the web for delivery of media-rich content.