DMA 235 Motion Graphics II • 5 Cr.


Develops knowledge and skills to create professional motion graphics products in a production team environment. Students gain proficiency in the use of basic and advanced features of graphic motion computer tools in order to develop integrated and seamless video products, and create professional broadcast products for specific applications. Prerequisite: DMA 134 or 234 at BC with a C- or better, or instructor permission.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Remove a colored background through keying.
  • Create both still and animated mattes for compositing purposes.
  • Create a layered composition of images, video and rendered 3D or 2D assets.
  • Describe the different ways to track motion in a compositing application.
  • Use two different methods for 2D motion tracking.
  • Composite a 3D element into a 2D scene by utilizing camera tracking.
  • Explain the different methods for creating a 2D animated character in a motion graphics application.