DMA 249 Video Studio Production • 5 Cr.


Students learn studio production planning, lighting, and audio along with basic video engineering. Students practice all crew positions, including floor director, camera operator, lighting technician, audio technician, technical director, and program director. Either DMA 249 or DMA 258 can be taken for credit, not both. Prerequisite: DMA 248 at BC with a C- or better, or instructor permission.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Describe the functions and components used in a multiple camera switched field production system.
  • Explain the key personnel roles on a production team.
  • Explain why effective team-building is essential to successful productions.
  • Discover live compositing techniques.
  • Use studio video production equipment.
  • Identify and use studio related terms and vocabulary correctly within the studio production environment.
  • Set up and use lighting and audio equipment for studio productions.
  • Function effectively in the various roles related to video production.