DMA 291 The Business of Media • 5 Cr.


The business of digital and interactive media is such that it depends on designers and artists who continually evolve with industry trends and technology advances and who often work as independent contractors or as project-based employees. This course explores working as a contractor, running your own business, serial employment, funding and grants, and other aspects of doing business as a media professional. Prerequisite: DMA 100 and 105 with a C- or better. DMA 291 replaces DMA 251.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Explain the options for owning, renting or using gear
  • Demonstrate the use of industry research resources to adjust and evolve a personal work plan
  • Describe the challenges, risks, opportunities and benefits of working as a contractor
  • Compare and contrast the differences between being an independent contractor versus working for a contracting agency
  • Identify key differences between doing business as a sole proprietor versus a limited liability corporation
  • Explain how industry professionals manage serial employment
  • Provide a detailed plan for networking in industry
  • Describe the differences between grant-based funding and other types of funding
  • List the basic business needs for freelance work and/or self-employment including describing strategies for taxes, billing, insurance, marketing and more