DOSM 403 Clinical Education III • 8 Cr.


Supervised clinical education in medical dosimetry that progresses through a competency-based educational sequence. Course totals 264 hours. Prerequisite: Acceptance into the program.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Apply the principles of radiation protection to clinical practice.
  • Apply safe, ethical, and legal practices.
  • Assumes primary role interacting with the radiation oncologist.
  • Create plan specific regions of interest for IMRT/VMAT (i.e. rings)
  • Develops basic IMRT/VMAT plans.
  • Optimizes IMRT/VMAT plan following the planning directive.
  • Develops basic Brachytherapy plans.
  • Evaluates IMRT/VMAT and Brachytherapy treatment plans against achievement of the planning directive.
  • Compare multiple plans against the planning directive using plan comparison tools.
  • Assumes primary role in development of set-up, plan verification, importation of plan into the record and verify system, and discussions of plan with radiation oncology staff.
  • Develop and analyzes a basic IMRT/VMAT treatment plan.
  • Develop and analyzes a basic Brachytherapy treatment plan.