DOSM 475 Concept Integration and Case Studies • 3 Cr.


Preparation for the Certification Exam issued by the Medical Dosimetry Certification Board (MDCB) through a comprehensive examination of coursework and student case presentations based on MDCB content specification. Prerequisite: Acceptance into the program.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Define the roles and responsibilities of the Medical Dosimetrist.
  • Assess current research trends and identify implications to current practice of treatment planning.
  • Define key planning goals for 2D, 3D, IMRT and special treatment procedures.
  • Analyze a treatment plan for accuracy, reporting consistency and representing the desired treatment outcome.
  • Calculate the dose and MU settings for a wide range of clinical scenarios using both manual and computer aided systems.
  • Define key planning benchmarks for radioactive seed/material implants.
  • Identify components of a successful QA program.
  • For anatomical sites of the Head and Neck, CNS, Thorax, Breast, Abdomen, Pelvis and Extremities, define and indentify:
  • Anatomy (including critical structure dose limits
  • Pathology consideration for planning
  • Treatment Port design and dosimetric considerations
  • Site specific simulation practices
  • Imaging requirements for various planning methods
  • Appropriate dose reporting and valid calculations