DRMA 155 Improvisation • 3 Cr.


Games, exercise and warm ups are used to build the skills needed in individual and group improvisations. Practical application emphasizes team building and the basic structure and format of a comic sketch.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Perform a variety of warm ups for rehearsal, performance, presentation and group building.
  • Identify and perform the various forms of improv.
  • Analyze the steps of creation of an improv piece and a sketch comedy routine.
  • Analyze the steps necessary to build a group that will improvise together.
  • Present a short solo improvised routine with confidence.
  • Assess the importance of listening, giving and "just saying yes" while in duo or group improv.
  • Use contemporary culture and politics to generate sketch comedy.
  • Apply the above to a short group improvised scene.