DRMA 212 Stage Lighting • 4 Cr.


Presents basic theories, techniques, and equipment in theater lighting. Intensive lecture/lab format. Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in DRMA 290.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Describe the basics of electricity and how it is measured.
  • Identify common types of stage lighting fixtures and use them correctly to achieve desired theatrical effects.
  • Operate the theatrical lighting control systems in the Theatre Arts department.
  • Observe and identify the effects of light in nature and artificial environments, and understand the process of recreating these effects for use on the stage.
  • Identify the relationship between light and color, and the effective use of color in a theatrical context.
  • Develop a basic lighting design using all the previously detailed skills and concepts.
  • Develop drafting skills and an understanding of design and technical drawings for Lighting.
  • Present design concepts utilizing visual research and practical execution on stage.