DRMA 241 Playwriting II • 5 Cr.


More advanced work in the art and craft of writing plays. Students will work on at least 20 pages of a one act or full length play. Through written exercises, readings and discussions, students will share their work and actively participate in a workshop process for the playwright. Prerequisite: DRMA 141 or permission of instructor. Recommended: Placement in ENGL& 101.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Write in a variety of theatrical genres.
  • Use pacing and rhythm effectively in plays and scenes.
  • Create believable characters through dialogue, relationship and super objective.
  • Analyze words, scenes, plots and themes for sustained tension.
  • Critique, revise, and edit works in progress including work on a full length play.
  • Critically evaluate a live play using the skills and tools of the playwright.