ECED& 160 Curriculum Development • 5 Cr.


Investigate learning theory, program planning, tools and methods for curriculum development promoting language, fine/gross motor, social-emotional, cognitive and creative skills and growth in children birth through age 8 utilizing developmentally appropriate and culturally responsive practice.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Explain major early childhood curriculum theories and current trends in curriculum design for early learning environments. 
  • Apply principles of developmentally, individually and culturally appropriate practice when designing, implementing and evaluating curriculum. 
  • Evaluate integrated learning experiences supportive of children's development and learning incorporating national, state and local standards. 
  • Design a curriculum that supports children's language/communication, cognitive, social/emotional, fine/gross motor and creative development. 
  • Design a curriculum that is inclusive and represents the diversity of children and families. 
  • Plan developmentally appropriate activities and schedules, which promote all children's growth and learning. 
  • Observe, document and assess individual and group needs, interests and skills for the purpose of curriculum planning and on-going modifications of plans.