ENGR& 114 Engineering Graphics • 4 Cr.


Introduces methods of communicating technical information in engineering design and research. Topics include freehand sketching, lettering, scales, drawing layout, graphical vector methods, orthographic projection, pictorials, auxiliary views, section views, dimensioning, thread specifications, and tolerances. Includes Computer-Aided Design with parametric solid modeling, drawing production and assemblies. Prerequisite: MATH&141 or higher, or placement by assessment in MATH&142 or above, or permission of instructor.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Proficiently use drafting instruments: pencil, triangles, compass, protractor, and scales to construct precisely defined 2D sketch geometry and 2D vector operations.
  • Create and visualize drawing representations of 3D models using: orthographic, pictorial, sectional and auxiliary techniques.
  • Determine proper drawing notations for thread specifications and tolerance limits.
  • Use parametric Computer Aided Design software to create and document part models and assemblies.