ESL 010 ESL Orientation • V1-8 Cr.


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After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • General 

  • •            Have a better understanding about college culture and what it means to be a student at BC. 
  • •            Be familiar with the BC campus and the location of various student services. 
  • •            Understand what support systems are available to you as a student. 
  • •            Know your ESL level by completing CASAS reading and listening tests, a speaking presentation, online work, homework and writing assignments. 
  • •            Register for the next best English class. 

  • Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening 
  • •            Be able to speak and write about your strengths as a learner, and identify your weaknesses in English. 
  • •            Write a personal goal plan for learning and using English in your life now and in your future, including steps to reach your goals. 

  • Technology 
  • •            Log-in to Canvas 
  • •            Message your teacher in Canvas 
  • •            Check your grades in Canvas 
  • •            Complete assignments in Canvas 
  • •            Participate in discussions with your classmates in Canvas