EXPRL 181 Self-Advocacy • 2 Cr.


Expand on information learned in EXPRL 180 regarding self-advocacy. Presents concepts and skills related to self-advocacy. Students learn to identify when, where, how and to whom to advocate. Students discuss current community and personal events, and the impact this has on their lives and work. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor, cohort class.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Define self-advocacy and carry out advocacy for themselves when needed. 
  • Define self disclosure and identify how to use it appropriately in different situations.   
  • Define and demonstrate basic communication strategies for self-advocacy. 
  • Identify sensory distractions that may impact ability to function 
  • Identify social communication difficulties that may impact success 
  • Describe how to advocate for strengths as well as for difficulties. 
  • Articulate civil rights issues applicable to advocacy.