EXPRL 220 Resume & Interviewing Strategies • 2 Cr.


Introduction to the basic steps of writing a targeted resume and formulating answers to typical interview questions. Includes presentation of accomplishments, both written and verbal, in the process of seeking employment.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Complete a job target worksheet and select one job target
  • Complete a one-page reflection sheet summarizing perspectives of the employer panel on resumes
  • Demonstrate a match for the job target by completing a skills summary proof worksheet
  • Write a resume draft which includes five basic categories detailed in the class
  • Revise and format the resume to the satisfaction of the instructor
  • Write a reflection paper summarizing the perspectives of the employer panel on interviewing strategies
  • Write a one to two minute response to each of five common interview questions
  • Role-play each of the five interview questions with fellow students
  • Participate in one to two mock interviews with company representatives