FRCH 131 Language & Culture Immersion-Beg 1st Year French • 5 Cr.


Introduces basic speaking, reading and writing skills to the complete beginner (debutant) who has little or no previous exposure to elementary French. Placement is determined by approved host institution. Students experience complete immersion into a 100% French-speaking on-site environment. Portfolio evaluation required to receive credit. Prerequisite: Placement determined by assessment at host institution.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Communicate in simple language in everyday life situations like: formulas of politeness, introducing oneself, asking questions, simple description, asking one's way, ordering in a restaurant, etc.; 
  • Use the present, past, and near future in simple sentences both positive and negative with appropriate pronouns, prepositions, and high-frequency regular and irregular verbs;
  • Employ colors, numbers, descriptive adjectives;
  • State one's preferences or tastes and activities; 
  • Use comparisons and superlatives; 
  • Write a want ad, sell something, understand publicity; etc.
  • As demonstrated by submitting a portfolio to BCC for final evaluation for credit which will include:
    • A journal, written in French, of all activities on a daily, bi-weekly, or other regular basis;
    • A notebook of daily class activities including periodic evaluation results and written work;
    • Verification of attendance and final evaluation of host institution, submitted separately to BCC by approved host institution;
    • Results of exit interview conducted in French by BCC instructor.