FRCH 132 Language & Culture Immersion-Int 1st Year French • 5 Cr.


Gives beginner with some previous knowledge of elementary French (faux debutant) an opportunity to improve use of basic oral and written skills in a variety of everyday situations using readily understandable language. Students experience complete immersion into a 100% French-speaking on-site environment. Portfolio evaluation required to receive credit. Prerequisite: Placement determined by approved host institution and permission of instructor.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Communicate in simple language in a variety of everyday life situations using readily understandable spoken French;
  • Use the present, past, and simple future indicative tenses, personal & relative pronouns, adverbs, the conditional tense, the pronouns y & en;
  • Demonstrate through speech acceptably correct French phonetics & the ability to self-correct;
  • Give basic ID – type descriptions, describe living situations, discuss clothing, deal with merchants to receive services, i.e. at the hair dresser or the doctor's, in a hotel or hospital, banks & travel agencies;
  • Explain a situation over the telephone; describe what has happened to someone;
  • Invent a story, describe main character and give his past;
  • Write a brochure; etc.
  • As demonstrated by submitting a portfolio to BCC for final evaluation which will include:
    • A journal, written in French, of all activities on a daily, bi-weekly, or other regular basis;
    • A notebook of daily class activities including periodic evaluation results and written work;
    • Verification of attendance and final evaluation of host institution, submitted separately to BCC by approved host institution;
    • Results of exit interview conducted in French by BCC instructor.