FRCH 133 Language & Culture Immersion-Adv 1st Year French • 5 Cr.


Allows student with working knowledge of elementary French using past, present & future tenses in basic social situations (pre-intermediarie) the opportunity to expand and improve spoken and written skills. Continues FRNCH 122. Students experience complete immersion into a 100% French-speaking on-site environment. Portfolio evaluation required to receive credit. Prerequisite: Placement by approved host institution and permission of instructor.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Show progress in review and reinforcement of overall speaking and writing skills;
  • Show in speech and by short writings improved use of vocabulary to describe, relate, argue, compare and convince;
  • Ue the conditional and subjunctive; give opinions; express cause and effect relationships; express regret, desire, imagination; give advice; 
  • Rport news events, return something to a store, try to resolve a crime;
  • Cmment on a film or popular songs; write, read or comment on short poems; etc.
  • A demonstrated by submitting a portfolio to BCC for final evaluation which will include:
    • Ajournal, written in French, of all activities on a daily, bi-weekly, or other regular basis;
    • Anotebook of daily class activities including periodic evaluation results and written work;
    • Vification of attendance and final evaluation of host institution, submitted separately to BCC by approved host institution;
    • Results of exit interview conducted in French by BCC instructor.