GEOG 105 Geography of World Affairs • 5 Cr.


Offers a geographical perspective on contemporary world problems. Students investigate economic, demographic, social, political, cultural, and environmental issues, with emphasis on interrelationships, patterns, processes, and potential solutions. Same as INTST 105. Either GEOG 105 or INTST 105 can be taken for credit but not both.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Define, describe and critique contemporary issues of global significance.
  • Critically evaluate and interpret societal reactions that are based upon factual information as opposed to reactions founded on opinion.
  • Evaluate statistical and cartographic information as used to illustrate global issues.
  • Analyze and articulate the importance of geographical knowledge and understanding in decision making processes that affect both human and physical environments.
  • Evaluate the importance of the physical environment in the development of cultural characteristics.
  • Analyze the importance of the economic resource base and the dynamic nature of economic prosperity, stagnation and decline.
  • Critically evaluate the impact of the dispersion and diffusion of people, finance, commodities, ideologies, information and knowledge at global, regional and local scales of inquiry.