HCI 405 Health and Information Literacy • 5 Cr.


Healthcare informatics professionals are at the forefront of current initiatives aimed at providing consumer-centric healthcare. Success of these initiatives depends on thorough understanding of concepts associated with health and information literacy. Students will develop skills needed to assess health and information literacy, locate, evaluate and effectively use information appropriate to meet consumer health information needs. Prerequisite: HCI 360 or permission of the instructor. Previously HCTM 405.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Evaluate current health information literacy level of patients, consumers and healthcare professionals 
  • Identify health information appropriate to meet the information need 
  • Evaluate health information and its source 
  • Merge health information with the user's value system and current knowledge base, respecting cultural, socio-economic, legal and ethical issues 
  • Effectively communicate health information to a variety of audiences 
  • Given a health information need, create an appropriate method to meet that need