HCI 450 Healthcare Data Analytics • 5 Cr.


Explores the scope and role of data and data analytics in healthcare. Covers data management concepts including data mapping and architecture, governance, validation, storage and maintenance. Introduces basic analytic techniques used to generate findings for interpretation and techniques used to meet end-user needs for visualizing and reporting results. Prerequisite: Admission to any baccalaureate program at Bellevue College.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  •  Examine the different ways that healthcare data is used to support quality improvement and healthcare delivery 
  • Select the appropriate data model to support analysis of administrative or clinical data 
  • Given a healthcare-related scenario, design and create a database that includes appropriate safeguards for protected health information 
  • Analyze healthcare data using appropriate testing methods to generate useful findings 
  • Interpret findings and formulate recommendations 
  • Create presentations and reports that allow end users to visualize results