HCI 460 Leading Change in Healthcare Informatics • 5 Cr.


Prepares students for leadership roles in healthcare informatics. Covers leadership characteristics, roles and responsibilities in healthcare informatics. Topics include leadership theories, responsibilities, and skills. Addresses the unique role of leaders in managing transformational change in healthcare informatics. Students will assess their own leadership skills and develop plans for lifelong learning as leaders in healthcare informatics. Prerequisite: Admission to any baccalaureate program at Bellevue College.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Investigate leadership theory as applied to healthcare settings, including leadership/management roles, power, conflict management, complex systems and communication 
  • Synthesize key components of leadership roles in healthcare informatics 
  • Identify through case studies the role of leaders in successful and unsuccessful healthcare informatics change 
  • Assess personal leadership attributes and develop a plan to address future challenges facing healthcare informatics 
  • Describe the leadership skills needed to respond to the needs of diverse and multicultural employees, clients, and patients