HCI 470 Healthcare Analytics Applications • 5 Cr.


Analyze strategies, benefits and limitations of data analytics in various healthcare environments. In the context of case studies, evaluate, select and apply analytics tools and methods to support key clinical, operational and financial decisions. Prerequisites: HCI 456, or permission of instructor. Previously HCTM 470.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Analyze the various elements of data analytics implementation and management plans for specific outcomes 
  • Develop appropriate metrics and processes to obtain data supporting clinical, operational and financial decisions 
  • Design a research strategy to solve a particular problem for a particular stakeholder 
  • Identify, evaluate and apply appropriate tools and techniques to analyze a given data set for specific outcomes 
  • Create visual representations of data that convey information clearly and effectively 
  • Develop reports and presentations summarizing analytics results for stakeholders with varied backgrounds and expertise