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Human Development

Human Development courses assist students to achieve their education goals through personal awareness and growth.

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HD 100 First Year Experience • V1-2 Cr.

Develops a better understanding of the learning process and essential academic success skills and abilities. Topics include use of information resources, study skills, learning styles, personal responsibility, career resources, intercultural competence, and development of personal education plan. Mandatory in the first quarter of attendance for first-time-to college students enrolled for 10 or more credits. Course graded credit/no credit only.

HD 101 Healthy Self-Esteem • V1-3 Cr.

Explores theory and practice of positive self-image through small-group discussion, self-assessments, and multi-media content. Students focus on understanding their behaviors as a reflection of their self-concept.

HD 103 International Student First Year Experience • 2 Cr.

Provides international students new to the American college system the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the U.S. higher education environment. Required for all new-to-American college students enrolled in ten or more credits. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

HD 110 Stress Management • V1-3 Cr.

Presents methods and benefits of managing stress. Students learn to identify stress, become aware of stress sources, and understand the results of stress in terms of thoughts, feelings, and actions. Students discuss and practice various methods for reducing unwanted stresses.

HD 112 Selecting a College Major • 2 Cr.

Students select a college major through an orderly, rational approach. Topics include exploring self, making commitments, implementing decisions and possible majors using on-line research as well as small group discussion. Prerequisite: Recommended 30 college credits.

HD 120 Learning Strategies for Student Success • V1-5 Cr.

Develops skills that support successful college work. Students practice effective study techniques and learning strategies, and explore resources available on campus. Recommended: placement in ENGL 089 or above.

HD 125 Motivation and Empowerment • V1-3 Cr.

Students identify and analyze unique sources of motivation to improve attainment of goals in academic and personal realms of life. Students critically examine their strengths, values, and goals. Students develop tools for taking personal responsibility, and accessing intrinsic sources of motivation to reach their highest potential in school and life.

HD 131 Understanding Personal Relationships • 2 Cr.

Explores personal growth through the development of interpersonal skills. Facilitates learning and growth in areas of cultural awareness and appreciation of differences, respectful communication resolution of interpersonal conflict.

HD 140 U.S. Race Relations • 3 Cr.

Students have the opportunity to critically examine the impact of racism and white privilege in the U.S. Students learn about themselves as racial beings and are taught how to engage in cross-racial dialogues about race and become active change agents in a multicultural society.

HD 157 Assertive Communication • V1-3 Cr.

Develops awareness of personal communication styles and choices. Students practice skills that enable them to communicate directly and to get their needs met without denying the rights of others.

HD 173 Career Exploration • V1-5 Cr.

Presents concepts and skills relating to career planning. Topics include self-assessment (interests, personality, and skills inventory), values, and learning styles; relating careers to educational and training options; researching jobs and careers; and decision-making and goal setting.

HD 185 Managing Career Change • V1-7 Cr.

Assists workforce training students in making career transitions. Module topics are career exploration, job search, education/training orientation, and study skills. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

HD 190 Staying on Track • V1-5 Cr.

Helps students of color and students from nontraditional backgrounds succeed in college. Students develop skills needed to reach their educational objectives and to enhance their personal and cultural identity. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

HD 194 Special Topics in Human Development • V1-10 Cr.

Covers supplementary, self-supporting, or televised courses. Topics are announced in the class schedule.

HD 195 Special Topics in Human Development • V1-10 Cr.

Covers supplementary, self-supporting, or televised courses. Topics are announced in the class schedule.

HD 196 Special Topics in Human Development • V1-10 Cr.

Covers supplementary, self-supporting, or televised courses. Topics are announced in the class schedule.

HD 197 Special Topics in Human Development • V1-10 Cr.

Covers supplementary, self-supporting, or televised courses. Topics are announced in the class schedule.

HD 199 Individual Studies in Human Development • V1-5 Cr.

Covers directed readings, special projects, and independent study by an individual student. May be repeated for a maximum of 15 credits. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

HD 210 Leadership Today: Creating a Vision for Tomorrow • 2 Cr.

An introduction to the practical leadership skills and tools including leadership assessment, ethical decision-making, conflict resolution team building, and other leadership competencies.

HD 211 Leadership Today: Building Tools for Tomorrow • 2 Cr.

Course covers dealing with difficult people, the art of listening, negotiation, problem solving, and other leadership competencies.

HD 212 Inclusive Leadership • 2 Cr.

Leaders must answer the greatest challenge of our times - how should we engage, involve, and inspire those who have different life experiences, values, and world view to create safe, inclusive, and mutually beneficial communities and societies globally?

HD 216 Fundamentals of Leadership • 2 Cr.

Leadership skills and abilities are a valuable set of attributes for any career path. This seminar-style course is designed to provide a context in which to develop concrete organizational leadership, presentation, and communication skills sufficient to participate in leadership roles on campus, community, and industry.