HLTH 262 First Aid and Safety for Fitness Trainers • 5 Cr.


Expands on knowledge and skills gained through Adult CPR, AED and First Aid certification. Covers care, management, and prevention of injuries and illnesses common in fitness and athletic arenas. Practice and demonstration of training skills include injuries to muscles, joints, bones, spine and head. Meets requirements for Personal Fitness Trainer certificate.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Respond and activate emergency medical services and begin care to level of training in a medical emergency.
  • Demonstrate patient assessment and skills for adult rescue breathing, choking, CPR and AED.
  • Identify signs and symptoms of common sudden illnesses and musculoskeletal injuries. 
  • Care for wounds and severe bleeding along with common sudden illnesses and musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Know how and when to move a patient in an emergency situation.
  • Counsel athletes on the prevention of sports related injuries. 
  • Analyze and evaluate the cause of some common athletic injuries.
  • Demonstrate athletic training techniques for common sports injuries and identify some treatment limitations.