HSC 083 Science • V1-10 Cr.


The emphasis of this course is to develop an understanding of basic scientific thinking and how to conduct an effect experiment in a lab setting. This course integrates technology, reading, writing, listening, speaking, math and critical thinking skills around assignments and activities. Students will utilize videos, pictures, lab exercises, models, and other visual strategies to develop skills in scientific thinking. Lab included. Prerequisite: ABE Orientation and advising.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Identify the purpose of science and demonstrate scientific thinking. 
  • Apply the steps of the scientific method to everyday situations as well as laboratory investigations. 
  • Identify and describe the characteristics of cells and organelles. 
  • Demonstrate basic lab skills through the collection, synthesis, and analysis of data (including the creation of graphs from data and correct interpretation of graphed data). 
  • Critique information presented online and in the media to determine if the information is "scientific and credible."